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Safe Spaces Scheme

What is a Safe Space?

The Safe Spaces Scheme provides a safe place indoors for anyone who may feel vulnerable, distressed or worried while out and about in West Bromwich town centre.

Safe Spaces are buildings in West Bromwich town centre such as shops, libraries and other organisations where you can go if you feel unsafe outside while you call and wait for a family member or friend, for example, to collect you or for the police to arrive.

The Safe Spaces Scheme is ran by Sandwell Council and supported by West Midlands Police and West Bromwich Business Improvement District.

How can I Identify a Safe Space?

Organisations and businesses taking part in the Safe Spaces scheme can be identified by a Safe Space sticker displayed in their window.

When you see this sticker, you know you can go into the Safe Space and ask for help if you need to. You will be:

  • Listened to
  • Reassured
  • Allowed to use the telephone, if needed
  • Offered refuge inside where you wait

For more information on support services available in Sandwell please see the leaflet below:

Sandwell Support Services Leaflet

The above information and the map of Safe Spaces can be found at



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