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Clean Air Day – Free Travel

Clean Air Day – Free Travel

Clean Air Day – Free Travel

Last year we celebrated Clean Air Day by making a day’s free bus travel available to everyone. The aim of this was to encourage travelers/commuters/everybody in general to eave cars at home and use the bus for one day to help cut down on carbon emissions and create a cleaner West Midlands.

I’m pleased to say that this year we will be doing exactly same and having a free ticket available to everybody in The West Midlands between 19th-20th June. This ticket will be available between the Wednesday and Thursday and customers will have up to 7 days to use the ticket when claimed.

The Promotion will be live from Wednesday 19th – Thursday 20th June. This will be the active period where customers can download the app and claim the ticket.

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Facebook – @nxwestmidlands
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Happy Clean Air Day!

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