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West Bromwich Town BID CIC – GDPR Audit

West Bromwich Town BID CIC – GDPR Audit

West Bromwich Town BID CIC – GDPR Audit

As part of the preparations for the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) on 25th May 2018, West Bromwich BID has undertaken a data audit where personal data is currently held, how we obtained it, where and how it is held, what we use it for, how we communicate, is it necessary to still process this data, and if so under what GDPR conditions and retention periods.
The data that is currently held:

West Bromwich BID holds personal data in relation to the following:
• Levy Payers
• BID Employees
• Business owners
• Contractors
• Suppliers
• Members of the public via newsletter competitions
• Data collected by Ambassadors
• Video footage from Ambassador’s body camera
• Radio Link system

How this information has been collected:
• NNDR List
• Business Visits
• Email
• Telephone calls
• Website
• Events and Competitions
• BID employees

Where and how the data is held:

West Bromwich BID holds personal data electronically and in paper
Electronic information is stored on:
• 4 laptops and 2 tablets
• 2 mobile phones

BID business owned mobile phones
• BID Manager
• BID Co-ordinator
• Ambassadors x 2

What we use the data for:
We use the personal data held for the following purposes:
• Communicate with BID levy payers
• Other businesses in the BID area
• BID Members
• BID Board members/directors

Information on BID activities and projects and to keep them informed of BID progress
• Staff regarding employment
• Public about events taking place via the BID
• Suppliers about purchases
• Sandwell MBC in relation to the BID ballot and levy collection
• Police for the prevention of crime

This communication is conducted by the following:
• Email
• Post
• Phone
• Social Media
• Face to Face communication

How we keep our employees, BID levy payers and the public informed:
• Employment contracts
• Face to face communication
• Electronic communication

We keep our BID levy payers and BID businesses informed of the personal data we hold for the by the following:
• Levy Payers
• BID businesses
• Website policy
• Open Meetings
• Town Centre Ambassadors
• Face to Face, open meetings

We keep the public informed of the personal data we hold by the following:
• Website policy
• Event information

The information held by West Bromwich BID does not have the right to be erased:
• Were/are a levy payer
• Were/are BID Board Director
• They supplied products or services to West Bromwich BID
• They were employed by West Bromwich BID

Examples of Data Breach for West Bromwich BID:
• Loss of a laptop
• Sharing passwords
• Loss of a memory stick
• Leaving paperwork where it can be seen
• Disposing of paper files incorrectly
• Failing to securely lock laptops, or phones when away from the equipment

For further information, please contact:
Please read our Privacy Notice –

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